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What is the structure of HS code?

The structure of the HS code is as follows:
The first two digits represent the Chapter.
The second two digits represent the Heading.
The last two digits represent the Subheading.
The following four digits (Heading and Subheading) correspond more specifically to the type of product it is, while the first two digits (Chapter) indicate the category (Chapter) that the product belongs to. This number is used by customs offices all over the world to determine what is in your shipment.
Let's look at the HS Code of an Apple, 080810. The HS coding language translates it as follows according to the following logic:
Chapter: Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons (08) - this represents the broader Category into which the product is assigned.
Heading: Apples, pears, and quinces, fresh (08) - this is the subcategory of the product and provides more details about the product.
Subheading: Apples (10) - This is the exact product.
HS Code: 080810

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