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Access global trade data including import, export, customs and shipping records. In an AI-powered market intelligence platform and grow your business with trade data.
Generate qualified leads
Use our importers and exporters data lists to identify potential buyers and records to track existing customers based on customisable search criteria.
Evaluate counterparties
Our trade data and relationship mapping help you make business decisions based on supply chain relationships of importers and exporters.
Monitor competitors
Use the trade history of your counterparties to help you review and assess their reliability based on frequency and amount of transactions.
Discover industry trends
Our visual statistics data with rankings give insights into market dynamics and trade flows to discover niche markets, latest trends and overview.

Here’s How Trade Data Pro Works

Trade Data Pro collects and analyses shipment and customs information from 3 modes of transport: Air, Land, Sea in over 220+ countries. Trade Data pro tracks shipment records from import-export business. This process starts from the manufacturer who sends a cargo, shipment or even parcel out, this shipment record is sent to a freight forwarder or shipment company who will process the shipment with a Bill of Lading, the shipment then arrives at the port of entry which a Customs Permit is issued. These shipment and customs information include Exporter, Importer, Bill of Lading information. The data collected are verified, processed and analysed onto our Trade Data Pro Platform which helps to identify suppliers and buyers from global trade activities.

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Find potential buyers, track your competitors’imports and exports with our global trade data and statistics.


Based on customs based shipping details, get quality customs data and keep all updates of export activities at your fingertips.

Shipping data

Get shipment data which consists of trade information that includes value and volume of the cargo and transport moving it.

Customs data

Detailed information including Date, HS Code, Product Description, Importers, Exports, Origin Country, Value, Quantity and Port.

Find new opportunities in global trade

See how Trade Data Pro helps you grasp import and export opportunities and use them to their maximum potential.

Evaluate Suppliers
Monitor Competitors
Find Sales Prospects
Research Markets
Evaluate Suppliers
If you're importing from overseas, we'll help you find high quality exporting suppliers. Our shipment records contains customers infomation, product details, cargo value and exporting volumes from exporters around the world.

Explore global trade data with Import and Export data

A must have tool for searching over 2 billion bill of lading level import and export records of millions of companies.

Get data that helps you

Highest Countries Covered
Access the largest database of 220+ countries, consisting of 52+ countries of import, export and customs data.
Created For All Industries
The wide coverage of global trade insights and information serves every industry and business size, whether small, moderate or large.
Unlimited Trade Data Access
There is no time restriction and limitation for the access of trade data online through Trade Data Pro intelligence platform.
Customized Online Platform
Our customized global import and export data online platform features 20+ different filters, tree map, visualized view of trends, and more.
Authentic Trade Intelligence
Be assured of authentication as retrieved global trade intelligence data by trusted sources is verified by our professionals.
Company Contacts
Connect with companies who matches your profile and business, according to the requirements of your service(s).
Timely Trade Data Update
Trade Data Pro import export trade statistics are frequently updated in 30 days
Comprehensive Custom Data
220+ Exclusive countries such as Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and other African countries.
Exclusive Countries Trade Data
Obtain global trade data including import, export, custom, shipping data of 220+ countries.

Showcase our statistics

220+ Countries
Import and Export Trade Data
52+ Countries
Detailed Customs Data
24+ Countries
Exclusive Data

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Client Satisfaction
Maintaining a long term relationship with our clients is key to success. We provide additional support when required to overcome market’s volatility. Client Satisfaction is our top priority.
Professional Team
Our professional and experienced team members are specialised in trade, market research, business analytics, finance, marketing and data engineering in the global market.
Quality & Reliability
We are dedicated in providing reliable and highly accurate trade data. Having excellent quality control to validate the collection of data, we commited the reliability through data analysis.
Headquartered in Singapore
We have In-depth knowledge and complete understanding of ASEAN and Global markets. Trade Data Pro expertise provides value added market intelligence for importers and exporters companies.
Competitive Pricing
Trade Data Pro has a high cost-performance ratio in the market, with its professional services and prime quality trade data enabling better trade performance for all your business trading needs.

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Explore detailed Customs Data, Statistical Data, Mirror Data, Bill of Lading Data and Bill of Lading Data of your required country from the world’s most comprehensive trade intelligence data online platform and gain strategic insights.

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