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Market Overview
Target Market Analysis: Users can gain insights into specific target markets, helping them identify where opportunities lie and where to focus their efforts.
Trade Trends: Access to trade trends allows users to understand the direction in which markets are moving, helping with strategic decision-making.
Product Trends via HS Code: By analysing product trends using Harmonised System (HS) codes, users can track the demand for specific product categories.
Employee Contact
Key Personnel Identification: Users can search for and connect with key personnel within companies by entering either the company name or company URL. This feature facilitates networking and business development.
Company Profile
Worldwide Company Profiles: Users can access detailed profiles of companies from around the world. This information includes crucial data about a company's operations, trade history, and more.
China Company Profiles (Exclusive): This feature provides exclusive access to company profiles specifically for Chinese businesses. This information is not readily available elsewhere, making it a valuable resource for those interested in the Chinese market.
More Special Tools
Container Tracking: This tool allows users to monitor the movement and status of containers, which is vital for supply chain management and logistics.
HS Code Table: Access to a comprehensive HS code table simplifies product classification and ensures consistency in trade data analysis.
CAS Number Tools: Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number tools are invaluable for industries dealing with chemicals, as they enable the identification and tracking of specific chemical compounds.
Real-World Success Stories: How TradeDataPro's Market Insight Transformed Businesses

Unlimited visibility for faster, more efficient business growth.

Unlocking New Opportunities and Boosting Revenue

XYZ Electronics faced difficulties keeping up with fast-changing market trends, resulting in missed opportunities for growth.
They implemented TradeDataPro's Market Insight feature to access up-to-date market trend updates and HS code-based product trend analysis. Exclusive China company profiles provided insights for supply chain improvements. By accessing detailed profiles of Chinese companies, including contact information and business descriptions, they could pinpoint potential suppliers, distributors, and collaborators.
XYZ Electronics transformed into a more competitive player in the electronics manufacturing industry, capitalizing on market trends and expanding their reach.
A 20% increase in revenue within six months.
Proactive response to market shifts and expanded product lines.
Successful partnerships with Chinese suppliers, streamlining the supply chain.

Stay Ahead of the Competition by Monitoring Their Supply Chains

Global Foods Ltd, a food and beverage distributor, struggled to identify emerging market trends. They often faced uncertainty about which products to introduce and where to expand their distribution network.
They turned to TradeDataPro's Market Insight feature. They subscribed to up-to-date market trend updates, HS code-based product trend analysis, and utilised employee contact searches to connect with potential partners and clients.
They transformed into a highly adaptive and profitable distributor in the food and beverage industry. By staying ahead of market trends and leveraging industry connections, they achieved substantial growth and a competitive edge.
A 25% increase in revenue within the first year.
Precise identification of trending food products, allowing for timely inventory adjustments.
Establishment of partnerships with key suppliers and expansion into new markets.
Streamlined distribution network with optimised routes.
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